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For all gay and bi men, your "former" bi curious best friend is in your bed kind of drunk what do you do?

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Bare with me (NOT THAT YOU PERVS, LOL) its kind of long (Oh yes it is) but to fully understand the question your going too need the events of the night.

 First off let me start by saying, mmhmm, WWWHHHHHYYYYYYY !!! Okay that kind of helped.

 Anyway, we've known each other since I was two and he was three and now we're both 19 and 20.  Cody is 6 '2, white, dirty blond, arctic blue eyes, and 203 lbs of pure muscle. He's kind of shy but outgoing athlete/jock that everyone likes  with with the looks of a southern Greek god and has a dark, sexual, and sarcastic sense of humor. I am (I'm not bragging) 6'3, gay but you could never tell, a 60/20/20 mix of British/Dominican/Italian so my skin tone is kind of Egyptian, dyed UV  platinum hair, electric green eyes, and 218 lbs of Kobe Beef, let that melt in your mouth! It doesn't help that we both have huge muscle bubble buts (somehow at a frat party all the guys ended up being judged, I won!)  
 So its Cody B-day and our fraternity throw him a Rave/Kegger/ late Halloween party (I went as Ichigo in hollow form he was a Chip and Dale stripper-I know) and as usual we party hard, have a good time with friends, they do a few homo-erotic body shots off me (I'm the "resident gay" very gay friendly which is why I joined HAHA) and everyone gets **** faced after two and a half hours. Since its known that I hold my liquor very well its my job to put all the half and fully naked guys in their rooms, jack-pot! After a few quick gropes and placing a few guys in the same bed (to see their reaction in the morning, priceless) I go find Cody in full on Pulp Fiction Gimp mode passed out in our paddling stockade, Hot. Once I cut the Duck tape to free him, I wake him up and carry him to my Bentley Le Mansory GT coupe. www.mansory.com. By the way, for the sake of your opinion I'm the down to earth guy who never brags about his wealth. I drive him to our shared place in Upper East Manhattan and we pull into the garage. Once we get out he reaches for his phone and makes sick on the passenger seat and floor:( He is so lucky that I've loved him since middle school because I just got the detailing bill back for what is usually about $1,600 even and turned out to be(I KID YOU NOT) $5,273.26 and under notes its said Persistent odor took liberty of ordering new carpeting, front seats, passenger seat-belt, and unfinished carbon-fiber trim.)

 Sorry, had to get that out of my system. I walk him to his room and do the usual routine of de-robing and give him a shower. After that and a semi,I change into my CK's, go let the windows down on my car(****), and go to my room for a quick rummage in my trousers and some sleep. "Just so you guys can get a mental picture, this is part of my room that was futured on home dosh"...http://www.homedosh.com/wp-conte…
 I open my door and there he is natural as the day born in a *** hither position. " Imagine knelling facing my plant then laying on your pecs prompted up by your spreading legs to where you could see his 'starfish' in all its glory. I call it the 'Insta-Bone' position"

 At this point I forgot to inhale and I think my heart skipped at least two beats. When he hears me come in he says in the sexiest voice I've ever heard him use " I was too afraid to accept who I was then and too afraid to let you in. But now I'm ready and I want you in me, I want you to *** in me and fill me with the years of passion that built up within you and flood me as a dam that has been breached and relieve the pressure that has built.Moan. I've ran for too long lets make up for lost time."
 And my rebuttal was, "...err-ughhh..." drip drip(precum, once I get going I'm on like a faucet)  a twitch so powerful that I thought my anatomy would go through the next floor and the roof.
 Once I got my self together I realized that I would be taking advantage of the man I love, but I know Cody and he has to be extremely focused to come up with poetry that powerful in spur of the moment. I walk over to him and sit on the edge (I know its a circle) of my bed next to him and say, " That was beyond beautiful especially coming from an American hick like yourself. Believe me when I say you said everything that I could ever possible want to hear but I can't do everything I want to, and the only reason I have Is 'Blame it on the Alcohol' or whatever the hell that song is." We laugh I pull him close for a rather hot and grotesque porn star make out session. This of course leads to an intense 69 and the "Flood" came BIG TIME, SEVEN TIMES to be exact. We go to sleep me holding him. Well the thing is I still kind of feel like I took advantage of him.

 So I guess the real question is what would you do and did I take advantage of him?

 Last thing he "was" bi-curious in high school and his parents caught me blowing him and since then he has always been kind lost?
asked Mar 30, 2012 by carbonfiber (405 points)