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My mom offered me 200 bucks to sell my dirtbike!!!!?

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I recently bought myself a dirtbike that i totaly got on my own, and my mom cant stand it!!!!! I got the pink under my name and everything, i bought the trailer, the gear, ect...  And she thinks imma get killed on it....!!!!!!! I recently came back from a trip to the desert, and i admit i fell a couple of times and a got sum nasty scrapes and messed up my shoulder a bit, but i luv riding and falling and getting hurt is all a part of the sport! so when she was helping me clean up my battle scars, she offered me 200 bucks to get rid of it!!!!! I payed about 1400 for the bike, but i pimped it out a bit:

new plastics

a carbon fiber reed

i bored it out at my friends dad shop! he does it for a living and it was professional!

forged piston

desert tank

paddle tire

unbreakable levers

and on top of all that i got graphics i payed 120 bucks for!!!

overall i think my bike is worth a good 2100-2400 bucks after all the maintnence i did.... so imma get 200 bucks on top of it!!!????????

what shud i do?????
asked Mar 30, 2012 by carbonfiber (405 points)