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Grammar help! I'm not good at grammar so please help me!?

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16.    Lizards lack the built-in body temperature control many another creatures posses.
17.    Doctor are discovering that there is a strong psychological component to chronic pain.
18.    With her talent for business promotion, Kate Gleason expansion her family’s small machine-tool company into a major manufacture of gear-cutting machinery.
19.    Using their bills are needless, tailorbirds sew large leaves together with plant fiber to forming their nests.
20.    Columns may be circular or polygonal in cross sections, and are generally at least four times more taller than they are wide.
21.    The poetry of Gwendolyn Brooks demonstrates a major characteristically of twentieth-century writing: the conflict between commitment to a social ideal and commitment to art.
22.    Montessori preschools differ than public elementary schools in that the activities focus on the child’s individual abilities and interests rather than academic ones.
23.    Josh Billings roamed the country as a laborer when he was a young man, but settled down in his later life to become a humorist and lecturing.
24.    Data received from two spacecraft indicate that there is many evidence that huge thunderstorms are now occurring around the equator of the planet Saturn.
25.    Every individual cell, whether its exists as an independent microorganism or is part of a complex creature, has its own life cycle.
26.    Because aluminum is nonmagnetic, it is value for protecting electrical equipment form magnetic interference.
27.    Nitrogen and oxygen are too important that most living organisms cannot survive without these elements.
28.    Coal and petroleum resulted when plants become buried in swamps and decayed.
29.    Per capita income is a nation’s entire income dividing by the number of people in the nation.
30.    Jim Thorpe, a football, track, and baseball stars from Pennsylvania, is considered by many to be the greatest all-around athlete of modern times.
31.    For centuries waterwheels were the only sources of power aside from human and animal strong.
32.    Proteins from the most of the structure of the body and also act as enzymes.
33.    The attorney general of the United States advises the President on any questions of law who may arise in the conduct of administrative affairs.
34.    Many of the science fiction publications by Ray Bradbury display a desire to rebel against society’s depend on machines.
35.     The age of a geological sample can be estimated from the ration of radioactive to nonradioactive carbon present in the object is examined.
36.    Dams vary in size from small rock barriers to concrete structures many feet height.
37.    Even before the human organism developed into their present stage of homo sapines, the beginnings of culture were already evident.
38.    In the United States, sleds for recreation were first produced commercial in the 1870’s or thereabouts.
39.    Employments agencies bring together persons qualified for specific jobs and employers who have those jobs available.
40.    Salmon spend most of their adult lives in salt water, despite they return to their fresh water birthplaces to spawn and die.
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