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What Australian Political Party Should I join?

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I've always been fascinated by politics and more recently, particularly after our last federal election result I suppose, I'm seriously considering joining a political party. It doesn't have to be one of the two major ones, because they don't really appeal to me at all. I'm wondering if you have a suggestions of a party that agrees with a majority of my personal beliefs;

* I accept that climate change is likely to be occurring, and that humans may be somewhat responsible, but I disagree with an expensive "carbon tax" or emissions trading or cap-and-trade scheme as a solution. I believe that we should look at renewable energy alternatives and protecting our oceans and forests more instead.
* Like Dick Smith (and many others) I believe in a "sustainable population" and Australia's immigration needs to be reduced substantially until we have the water, infrastructure and opportunities to cater for extra people. However, there is a good point made for people who live here to continue having more children as our population is aging.   
* I believe that asylum seekers arriving by boat in Australia should be processed off-shore and treated humanely. I accept that being a signatory to the UNHCR (Refugee Convention) Australia has a responsibility to ensure that people fleeing a war-torn country for a better life should be safe and treated humanely even during the process of refugee settlement (including off-shore settlement) but we should not open our borders for people to enter (and stay) in our country illegally.
* While I can see some merit in the governments' Broadband plan, I don't believe that fibre optics to every home and business (at a cost of AT LEAST $43 billion) is the best plan for our communications and technology needs. Fibre Optics is good, but doesn't last very long and will need to be replaced in 15-20 years at a similar cost, and no private company is going to fund that! While I do agree that we need better, faster broadband... I just don't think the NBN is the best idea.
* I disagree with any plan to censor the internet, and believe that it is the role of parents to monitor their child's computer usage to keep them safe. The government can assist with optional home filters if a parent wants them, but it must not be mandatory.
* I support an Australian Republican model with our head of state (President) being popularly elected by the people.
* I support Citizens Initiated Referendum (CIR) allowing a section of the community to insist on a national vote on any issue with enough community support for it to be tabled.
* I accept that we are part of an international community and we should do what we can to help others and avoid war and conflict where possible, but ultimately - we should support Australia and our fellow Australians first. This makes me a nationalist. I am somewhat concerned about international movements like the UN and their motives pushing for an unelected global world government. We can be part of the UN, but we should not sign over any of our sovereignty and national identity.   
* I don't believe that governments should sell off public assets and corporations to make a quick buck. The money they make should be spent on more public infrastructure. Since the Telstra sell-off I have noticed that Telstra's customer service has dropped significantly and they still bully competitors out of the marketplace.
* Hospitals should be paid for successful OUTCOMES and not on the number of patients seen or operations performed. Medicare should cover basic dental checkups and and people should be encouraged to have (and use) private health insurance - even extended to cover 100% of private GP doctor consultations where possible, so there will be no medicare "gap" payments.
* Schools and universities should not be funded based on students grades or outcomes. The schools with the highest achievers should get no more than those with lower scores. Perhaps schools could get a bonus payment based on student attendance instead of test results. Schools should also focus more on basic english, mathematics and personal health (PE) subjects.
* I support the right of same sex couples to get married in just the same way as heterosexual couples can. A "civil union" does still not equal a marriage.

Anyway, thanks for reading (I know it was long) and I'm looking for answers that are intelligent and unbiased. Any suggestions of a possible political party that might be closely aligned with my views... or should I start my own?!
asked Mar 30, 2012 by carbonfiber (405 points)